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See to Learn®

Free Vision Screenings for 3-Year-Olds

Vision is an extremely important part of successful learning, and that’s why Russell Eyecare Center is a proud partner for the See to Learn program. The statewide initiative created by the Eye Care Council is a preventative program to make sure every child’s early education is unaffected by vision problems. To accomplish this, any parent can schedule a no-cost vision assessment for their 3-year-old child, regardless of income level.


“These appointments help catch things that parents may not be aware of, because small children often don’t realize their world is blurry until they have experienced accurate vision,” says Dr. Russell McCaulley, one of three optometrists seeing patients at Russell Eyecare Center. “We can also watch for more serious conditions like amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus (turned eye), which require intervention before five years of age.”


Although some conditions have no symptoms, there are early indicators that parents can be watching for. Warning signs that a child may be experiencing vision problems can include frequent rubbing or blinking of the eyes, short attention span or daydreaming, avoiding close-up work, headaches, tilting the head when reading or looking at a whiteboard, squinting one or both eyes, placing head close to desk when drawing or coloring, difficulty identifying or remembering basic geometric forms, poor hand-eye coordination, and others. According to the American Optometric Association, more than 25% of kindergarten students have vision issues affecting their ability to learn, which may not be detected in school-performed screenings.


Dr. Russell McCaulley, Dr. Chad Premer, and Dr. Sarah Stueder are the three optometrists providing personalized optometric healthcare at Russell Eyecare Center, which is open five days per week. The practice also has a large retail gallery where patients and members of the community can shop for new prescription glasses and sunglasses. For more information or to make an appointment with one of the three new optometrists, contact the Russell Eyecare Center at 785-483-2451 or visit them online at

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